Insights into cross-border primary and secondary education

The Border Focal Point Network (BFPN) announces the next edition of the «Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate» series. This engaging series of online events aims to gather policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens to discuss how cross-border disaster, risk, and crisis management can build resilience within the European Union.

The EC next ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ titled ‘Insights into cross-border primary and secondary education’, coming up online on Thursday 23rd May 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 CET. Register HERE

The 18th edition of the Beyond Borders Breakfast Debate will explore the challenges and opportunities offered by cross-border education for minors. This informative discussion will help shape the future of cross-border education. 

From administrative obstacles to language differences, the debate will explore why cross-border schools are reluctant to engage in educational exchanges and how successful programmes can serve as models for overcoming barriers.

We will discuss the administrative obstacles, language barriers and challenges faced by schools in cross-border regions, while also highlighting successful practices that promote school exchanges across borders.

The debate will feature an esteemed panel, including the following speakers:

  • Ricardo Ferreira, Planning and Programming Officer, Border Focal Point Network, DG REGIO.
  • Eldrid Gaukstad, Erasmus+ Programme Officer, to exchange about DG EAC’s respective tools and policy for “in school» exchanges around EU internal borders.
  • Ana Paula Laborinho, Director General for Multilingualism and the Promotion of Portuguese and Spanish Languages & Director of OEI Portugal.
  • Ivan Curzolo, Senior Expert in European Territorial Cooperation.
  • Roland Wolff, Project Collaborator, EMRLingua.

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