How to enhance cross-border public transport for a more integrated EU

The Border Focal Point Network (BFPN) announces the next edition of the «Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate» series. This engaging series of online events aims to gather policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens to discuss how cross-border disaster, risk, and crisis management can build resilience within the European Union.

The EC next ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ titled ‘How to enhance cross-border public transport for a more integrated EU’, coming up online on Thursday 27th June 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 CET. Register HERE

The 19th edition of the Beyond Borders Breakfast Debate will delve into how to facilitate cross-border travel between cross-border regions. The main objective is to explore how the public sector can establish and guarantee a reliable and efficient cross-border public transport service, especially for road transport such as buses or tram lines.

We will also discuss strategies to encourage cross-border commuters to choose public transport over private vehicles. Throughout the session, you’ll be able to hear about real experiences, as well as new suggestions to create reliable cross-border transport services in the EU. 

The debate will feature an esteemed panel, including the following speakers:

  • Marlies Peeters, Programme Manager, DG REGIO, Unit Interreg, Cross-border Cooperation and Internal Borders, European Commission.
  • Marcin Wójcik, Policy Officer, DG MOVE.
  • Paolo Dileno, Project Manager, Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES)GIO.
  • Hanna Kroll, Project Manager, Aachen Transport Association.
  • Sandra Sodini, Director of the Office for International relations, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
  • [Moderator] Andrew Lansley, Member of the UK House of Lords and LOW Associates Strategic Counsel.

Stay tuned to the BFPN page on Futurium for the latest updates.

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