How can cross-border risk & crisis management enhance EU resilience?

The Border Focal Point Network (BFPN) announces the next edition of the «Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate» series. This engaging series of online events aims to gather policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens to discuss how cross-border disaster, risk, and crisis management can build resilience within the European Union.

The EC next ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ titled ‘How can cross-border risk & crisis management enhance EU resilience?’, coming up online on Thursday 15th February 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 CET. Register HERE

This debate aims to provide updated information on the main tools and good practices for cross-border cooperation in managing both natural and human disasters. By shedding light on the gaps affecting cross-border territories in their risk management capabilities, the debate will offer suggestions for addressing these challenges at local, regional, national, and European levels. 

Engage with a panel of experts and policymakers discussing: 

  • Innovative strategies for cross-border disaster risk management. 
  • Enhancing legal and governance frameworks for crisis management 
  • Key findings of the DG REGIO report on EU border resilience. 

The debate will feature an esteemed panel, including the following speakers:

  • Simona Pohlova, Deputy Head of Unit for Interreg, Cross-border Cooperation, Internal Borders (Unit D.2. DG Regio).
  • Birgit Snoeren, Policy Officer, DG ECHO, European Commission. 
  • Ruslan Zhechkov, Principal Consultant, representative of the company Technopolis authoring, Strengthening the Resilience of EU Border Regions: Mapping Risks and Crisis Management Tools and Identifying Gaps.
  • Marian Ramekers-van Kuijk, Programme Director at EMRIC.

This 16th session will delve into the DG REGIO’s latest report, ‘Strengthening the Resilience of EU Border Regions: Mapping Risks and Crisis Management Tools and Identifying Gaps’. This pivotal report, scheduled for publication in February 2024, provides a comprehensive inventory of potential risks along EU borders and identifies existing tools for their prevention and management.

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